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Moe "Big Daddy" Jordan


I’mMoe "Big Daddy" Jordan and I have been offering beautifully designedtattoos for over 20 years. Both my father and grandfather dabbled in the vocation and it was this, watching my family develop and hone their skills, which got me interested in perfecting my own techniques.Remembering back to my childhood, I used to watch my dad and granddadtattooing friends on the back porch. As kids, we weren't normallyallowed to watch; however, sometimes I would sneak a peek through thestorm door. I took a serious interest in tattooing after I received my own first tattoo and since then I have been hooked!

In the early days, I didn't really mind the types of tattoo I wascreating, however, now I’m a little pickier. Tattoos are with someonefor life and so I am unwilling to do gang symbols, hate-related artworkor racist tattoos. I enjoy creating just about any type of custom tattooand absolutely love the challenge of designing something unique thattruly represents who the client is.

Familyhas always been a big part of Big Daddy's Tattoos and it shows with the work we do and the atmosphere we've created. I have the loving support of my wife and seven children - 5 girls and 2 boys; they keep meinspired to do what I love. My youngest daughter Bobbie just completedher own apprenticeship for body piercing. We run our studio as a placewhere you can bring your children while you receive your tattoo or bodypiercing. We are all very close and consider ourselves one big, happyfamily.

Special Thanks to my oldest son and owner of Big Daddy's Tattos, Eric Holzbaugh.
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My name is Bobbie Jordan I’m a single mother of a beautiful baby boy Corbyn Monroe. I was born in Midwest City Oklahoma, I am 18 yrs old I was raised around tattoos and body piercing my entire life. I am a fourth generation body piercer, under the 3 rd generation teachings of Moe Jordan. Growing up I was always down at the tattoo shop right next to my dad or one of the guys watching them tattoo or do a piercing, I can remember back when I was 3 yrs old folding towels and making aftercare for my dad and the guys, Everyone of the aftercare had to have a business card in them If it was upside down or missing I was in trouble! Haha! I knew when I grew up I wanted to be just like my dad and the guys at the shop. Being raised in and around the tattoo industry has really benefited me in so many ways to pursue my carrier as a professional body piercer. As it’s said around here I look forward to the opportunity to earn your business. If you would like to make an appointment you can reach me at 405-537-9598 or on facebook, instagram and walk-ins are welcome.

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 Custom piercings available upon request.




When I first spoke to Moe “Big Daddy” Jordan about my apprenticeship,

I knew I was in the shop for me. Fortunately, Moe decided to finally sponsor me into my new career. There is a strong sense of pride and family here at Big Daddy’s. The entire shop took me in as a student, and I continue to learn today.

I’m a dad first, an artist second, and TATTOO every opportunity I have.

I enjoy color and black and grey alike. Progression is what I seek as my limitless journey. I would be honored to help you with your new TATTOO.

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My name is OB. I was born and raised in Oklahoma. I have always had an interest in drawing an art which led to a real passion for tattoos. I had friends that did tattoos and I always wanted to watch them. When I turned 20 I bought my first machine did some tattoos on some family and close friends. They all had real words of encouragement that made me want to pursue a career in the tattoo industry…

At the age of 35 I was actively seeking an apprenticeship with a professional shop. I went to about three shops before calling Big Daddy’s and found Drew Shurtleff. He was actually looking for an apprentice so I came in and thus began my journey to become a licensed artist. I can’t even begin to describe how much I’ve actually learned and the knowledge I’ve obtained from my apprenticeship. Professional artist really do have a wealth of knowledge to share and it’s definitely not given out to just anyone. It’s been a long road of learning and patience with myself and the progression I want to achieve in my art and my career.

Now that I’m licensed I’m looking forward to following in the footsteps of some of my favorite artist like Liz Cook, Bridget Tunstall, Jeff Gogue, Chris Garver my sponsor Drew Shurtleff and so many more… The styles of tattoos that interest me the most would be Japanese traditional and realism. I would like to over all, be a universal artist and versatile in many styles of the tattoo art industry. As well as  a large competitor in my field.

I would really like to thank my sponsor Drew Shurtleff, all my family, friends and my family here at the shop. I would also like to thank my beautiful wife for all the support while I was becoming a licensed artist here at Big Daddy’s.

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